Please Donate

Please, I beg you, please donate if you can.

You can donate through PayPal at the following link:

At some point I plan to start a Patreon, but I understand they cut you off if you do not bring in enough money for them, so I have not started that yet.

I can not monetize through AdSense or related services, they track users and that is something I am fundamentally opposed to. User tracking is killing our society, literally.

I spend a considerable amount of time packaging these packages. I also spend considerable personal resources, from hosting costs to hardware costs to research costs.

Well, when I say considerable, understand that is relative. It is probably a pittance to anyone in the middle class. I am not in the middle class and have not been in the middle for quite some time.

Born in poverty, briefly in the middle class during the boom, never recovered after the boom went bust.

I am epileptic and have not had a drivers license in over 20 years as medication does not control my epilepsy.

I also am autistic with very poor social skills. Pair coding is something I can not do, open offices is something I can not do, team meeting are something I am very bad at, and I do not like solutions that result in tracking users that basically turn clients into data to be sold to Google or Amazon of Facebook. Tech has simply gone in a direction that excludes people like me.

After the bust, what happened in tech is social skills became far more important than technical skills. Especially in the era of cloud computing where companies find it cheaper to use cloud services that track their customers than to hire people who can run a smooth in-house server.

I am not very good at negotiating or asking for money, and basically, I am not making it in this world. I am not surviving.

I am attempting to branch outside of tech and write some high quality herpetology articles that maybe can be sold in natural history museums, but even that requires capital that I do not have and that my family does not have to spot me, and I do not see that ever being very profitable either, small market. Unfortunately what is marketable is things that I just do not grasp, like gaming.

Please, we are living in a world where tech services is becoming more and more centralized resulting in increased user tracking and that is very very bad. It is tracking data from Facebook that Cambridge Analytics used to target users with fraudulent news stories that led to the Trump election. We absolutely need more companies running services in-house without contributing to the tracking data, and LibreLAMP is intended to make it much easier for companies to run their own web server and e-mail servers and to be able to do it securely and with quality while still being cost effective.

Frequently I end up going several months after my shoes are worn out before I can afford to replace them. Because of my epilepsy, I can not drive. Because of my poverty, I can not hire drivers. Shoes are very important to me, I walk everywhere.

If you use LibreLAMP please donate if you can afford to.

If you can not afford to, then keep using it, maybe the packages here can help your business make it, and that is worth it to me as well.

You can donate through PayPal at the following link:

P.S. Unlike Wikipedia, I will never block pages with annoying nagging requests for money. Especially offensive when they already have a considerably fat wallet and do not actually pay those who contribute content, their biggest asset.

Thank you.